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Why Caribbean Coast

HOLA !!  Hello from Costa Rica……. You may be asking, “WHY should I consider  the  Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica ??” MANY and varied reasons! More bang for your buck here. This Province of Limon has not been Gringoized, so the cost of goods and services are  reasonable. Acres of pristine land available for a fraction of the price on the Pacific coast. Growth is occurring, at a steady rate in business, education, and quality of life The New Port of Moin is progressing towards finished and will create many jobs and opportunity here. NATURE is abundant. We stay GREEN here[…]

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Traffic Pura Vida

One of the many JOYS of living in Costa Rica is the undeniable task of diving from point A to point B. As a USA driver of over 40 years, I came to Costa Rica 5 years ago, and said “NOPE” can’t do it. Merging traffic with no particular lane, pedestrians in the dark of night, bicycles, and motorcycles weaving hither and yon. To say the roads are a free for all is simply too kind. Fearful of maiming an innocent person, I handed over the keys to Caryn, who has a keen eye and a third sense of whats[…]

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Everyone that comes to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica hopes to see the “fruit loops” Toucan.His formal name, Ramphastos sulfuratus, or Keel-Billed Toucan, lives in groups of 2 to 6, they like a hollowed out tree cavity resulting from decay to nest in, or living trees at nine feet to ninety feet. They are a common resident of the wooded regions throughout the Caribbean lowlands to 4000ft. They feed on berries, fruits, insects and the occasional small lizard or snake.You can tell when they are nearby by the unmistakable croaking, which sounds like a mechanical winding of an old clock. crrrik, crrrik,[…]

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Best Beaches on the Caribbean Coast of CR

A Detailed Look at the Best Beaches on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica By Laura Alvarado – March 14, 2017   More than often it is overlooked, perhaps because of the misconception that insecurity is higher in this province (San José is actually the province with highest crime rate); or maybe because there are no huge, luxury resorts; others don’t like the drive, as the road (Route 32) is considered dangerous; whatever the reasons may be, the fact is that Limón Province and the beaches in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica don’t have the same popularity as the beaches[…]

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Expanding Growth in Costa Rican Cities

These 10 Costa Rican Cities Are Poised for Expanded Economic Growth 4/5/2017 The Coalition for Development Initiatives (Cinde) identified these 10 emerging cities as having the greatest potential in Costa Rica to start attracting new types of investment and increase economic opportunities; they are San Carlos, Liberia, Carrillo, Orotina, Puntarenas, Perez Zeledón, Limón, Pococí, Siquirres, and Turrialba These cities are located in counties which have “a significant degree of maturity and visible opportunities to be investment attraction magnets outside the Greater Metropolitan Area [or GAMA, its initials in Spanish],” said Cinde. The cities stood out in a national analysis[…]

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Costa Rican Property for Sale

Lot 20

Perfect for a nice size Home and Garden or Pool Beautiful elevation with unobstructed  views of the Caribbean Plain and great breezes. .87 acres perfect for a nice size home and garden or pool. 3,530 meters sq. Water from the mountains, and electric in place. 1.5 km from Route 32, 45 minutes to the Beaches.   Owner is motivated!!

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August in Costa Rica

Well, the rainy season has let up here on the Caribe, so the sun starts at daybreak with puffy clouds immersed in vibrant skies. The rainy season has sparked a good bit of growth on the trees and flower beds. All seem happy. Green Macaws are still swooping into the forest about 4:30 pm every day. A joyful sound their squawk. Nowhere on Earth can you find this diversity. We are blessed.

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The property is located only 1.5 hours East from San Jose on the main HWY (32) to Siquirres in a city called Cimarrones, 13 kilometers east of Siquirres, conveniently 30 minutes from the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the Limon International airport. The development name is Grand View Estates.  The lots are all within this development, so the HOA provides electric on the roads, trimming of the easements, 640 acres, waterfall accessible, community pool and BBQ area. Amenities and Services of Grand View Estates * 1 to 5 acre lots * Swimming Pool and Recreation area * Universal[…]

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