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Marlene & Caryn

We are retired Floridians. We have been living here on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica as residents for 5 years. We live in the Province of Limon. ( Costa Rica is divided into Provinces like the USA is divided into States ) We absolutely love the location we have chosen. Temperate weather, ( 80 degrees average ) and enough rain to keep everything GREEN all year. We came here to retire, and along the way have seen a tremendous need for helping other expats along the way. Our philosophy is, why develop knowledge if not to share with others? We have[…]

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Property Management

If you chose to invest in a beautiful property here in Costa Rica and would like someone to manage your property while you are away, Carib Properties Management & Sales are available to assist you.  At Carib Properties Management and Sales our experience and understanding of the local laws and customs of Costa Rica are at your disposal.  Our Services can be customized to fit your needs.  We offer: All local bill payments Establish/Oversee landscape service Regular Maintenance Emergency Maintenance Property monitoring We know that your investment in Costa Rica is important to you and we treat every home as[…]

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Costa Rican Culture

“Pura Vida” “Pura Vida” is the most recognizable phrase for the Costa Ricans. It reflects the local way of life. It is the most common greeting of people on the streets and in the markets. “Pura Vida”, means pure life, or good life. A common response to “How are you?” would be “Pura Vida”. Cuisine Costa Rican cuisine is a blend of Native American, Spanish, African and many other diverse origins. Dishes such as the tamale and many others made of corn are the most representative of its indigenous inhabitants, and similar to other neighboring Mesoamerican countries. Spaniards brought new ingredients to the country from other[…]

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Coastline Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua and Panama. It has nearly 800 miles of coastline, 132 miles on the Caribbean coast and 631 miles on the Pacific coast. Islands Costa Rica is also comprised of several islands.Cocos Island (9.3 square miles) is relevant because of its distance from the continental landmass, 300 mi. Calero Island is the largest island of the country (58.5 square miles). Over 25% of Costa Rica’s national territory is protected by SINAC (the National System of Conservation Areas), which oversees all of the country’s protected areas. Costa Rica also possesses the greatest density of species in the world. Volcanoes[…]

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Costa Rica’s Climate

Costa Rica is located between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator so the climate is tropical year round. However, Costa Rica has many microclimates which are determined by elevation, rainfall, topography, and the geography of each particular region. The seasons of Costa Rica are defined by rainfall during a particular period. The year is split into two seasons, the dry season known as summer, and the rainy season, known locally as winter. The “summer” or dry season stretches from December to April, and “winter” or rainy season goes from May to November. During this time, it rains constantly in some regions. The Caribbean slopes of the Central Cordillera mountains is the region to receive the most[…]

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Costa Rica Properties for Sale with Caribbean Views

Lot 66

Prime Country Living – Gated Community Lot 66 Lush green surrounds you, with only the sound of nature for your tranquility. Creek at the lower end of the property. Parrots, Macaws, Monkeys, Toucans and refreshing easterly breezes keep you comfortable. No A/C needed at this elevation of 750 ft above sea level. Caribbean Views from the lot. Beautiful American style home is on the next lot. Seller is motivated.

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Lot 10 Properties for Sale in Costa Rica

Gorgeous 5 Acres – Ready to Build – Lot 10

5 Acres of Magnificent, Unobstructed Views of the Caribbean Plain and Sea Gorgeous 5 acres, utilities are in place to the lot. Ready to build. Magnificent, unobstructed views of the Caribbean Plain and Sea. Wildlife galore, Toucans, Green Macaws, Monkeys and GREEN all year, no drought. Temperatures average 80 degrees year long. No a/c needed, gentle Caribbean breezes. Gated community, Security. Community Center with BBQ center and pool. Unending mountain views. Come live the life you have been dreaming of.

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